Imran Khan Wants To Know Who Allowed Hareem Shah to Make a TikTok Video

Following the Hareem Shah TikTok video episode in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), even the Prime Minister’s Office is ticked off.

The Prime Minister himself has paid heed to how and why Hareem Shah was permitted to shoot a TikTik video inside the MoFA meeting room. The notification requests who encouraged her entrance and why.

Turns out, the matter of affronting MOFA respectability isn’t being trifled with. The PM has requested a test into how Shah was permitted into the consular-just premises and gave the full access required to record a video.

In the recording, Hareem is even observed sitting on the seat utilized by the outside clergyman or head administrator.

As indicated by the TikTok young lady, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea who helped her record the video. She simply ‘advanced in and asked somebody who coincidentally was there to help’.

One marvels if this is an instance of nepotism gone excessively far. In spite of the fact that there’s nothing incorrectly in somebody shooting the premises of PM House or MoFA (recollect writer Wajahat Khan in a bath?), there are legitimate conventions and systems to be followed in such situations.

We leave it to the perusers to make their own decisions with respect to this scene.

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