Pakistani mangoes are exported to China, and Indians have expressed dissatisfaction.

Pakistani mangoes are exported to China, and Indians have expressed dissatisfaction. Netizens: 
Only eat iron mangoes!

China is a country with a large population. There are many things that can only be imported in large quantities because of its inability to meet domestic demand. Fruit is one of them. When you mention the fruit, you have to say the mango. The next is the mango season. The mangoes of each variety begin to mature, not only the price is relatively cheaper, but also more varieties.

Mango is an evergreen tree of the genus Anacardiaceae native to India. It is one of the famous tropical fruits. It contains vitamin A, a precursor of carotenoids, which is particularly high in all fruits.

In the eyes of the Chinese, mango is an ordinary fruit that can be eaten or not, but it is not good to have a mango in Pakistan.
Pakistan is rich in fruit resources and is known as the “fruit blue” of the East. Mango is the second largest fruit in Pakistan. Mango has the reputation of “king of fruits” in Pakistan. The mangoes here are very sweet, and the color, aroma and taste are highly rated in the international market.
Mango plays an important role in the daily life of Pakistanis. In the summer, people eat mango in a variety of ways, such as taking a small mouth and sucking directly, cutting into small pieces, making desserts, or cutting green mangoes with some vegetables. After mixing, eat. In the Pakistani concept, the summer without mangoes is incomplete.
From January to June, small shops in Pakistan can see small merchants selling mangoes. Both the poor and the rich will bargain with small merchants. The best drink in Pakistan in the summer is the mango juice, which is also the first choice for receiving guests.
India and Pakistan are also major mango producers. However, China used to import Indian mangoes. However, with the penetration of China-Brazil land transportation lines, Chinese people prefer to import Pakistani mangoes. Indians know that Pakistani mangoes have been exported to China. dissatisfied. However, many Chinese netizens said that they support the Pakistani mango into China, and only want to eat the iron mango, it is best to put a label on the mango of the Pakistani iron!
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