Research 2019:"Good"stress helps the body resist disease and disease

Research 2019:”Good”stress helps the body resist disease and disease:

Popularity: 157 [Size] Tai   Zhong   smallTags : sauna , longevity , tolerance[Epoch Times, August 15th, 2019] A new study shows that temporarily putting pressure on the body, such as a sauna or running, can help increase the body’s tolerance in the event of a disease attack. Force .

The new study found that the rate of autophagy in the body was elevated during a brief compression. The aging of the body and the damage of damaged cellular components are used to generate new cells. The process of producing energy after combustion is the process of autophagy. This process is related to the extension of life.

Recently published in Nature. The study at Nature Communications observed the benefits of C. Elegans after moderate heat stress.

Caenorhabditis elegans is a non-parasitic nematode with a transparent body and a length of about 1 mm. It is commonly found in soils in temperate regions, and its mechanisms of many genes and signaling pathways are similar to those of humans. The researchers asked them to test their resistance to Huntington’s Disease (HD) after waiting for an hour at a much higher temperature than normal ambient temperature.

Huntington’s disease is a deadly genetic disease in which genetic variation causes excessive accumulation of neuronal proteins, leading to impaired brain function. The disease is currently incurable.

Researchers have found that protein accumulation has been alleviated in C. elegans that has experienced “hot sauna”, suggesting that short-term stress may increase the body’s resistance to disease and aging.

Malene Hansen, the lead author of the study, said: “Our findings are exciting because it may help to find new ways to delay the deterioration of neurological disorders, such as old-age dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc. The characteristics of pathogenicity due to protein accumulation.”

Another researcher, Caroline Kumsa, said: “A lot of people ask us if this means that you should have more sauna or hot yoga.”

“This may not be a bad idea. Epidemiological studies do show that regular saunas have a certain relationship with longevity . But we have to do more research to find out whether this is related to autophagy caused by thermal stress, just like As seen in the C. elegans experiment.”

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