We need to lose weight at 20 kg at home and quickly:

We need to lose weight at 20 kg at home and quickly:

Without a doubt, girls who have the most beautiful qualities are dreaming of a small, strong body.

And it is not just the external beauty and aesthetics, but also the desire to hear the light, the desire to eliminate health problems associated with overweight people.

If you want to lose weight from 2 to 5 grams of mass weight – it is enough to choose a fascinating diet for the body that you can conquer, choose to exercise the focus of the exercise.

You can achieve the outcome in a few weeks, then you just have to fix it.

And what should you do for those who need more losses, for example, 20 kg? However, can you starve and starve yourself for a few months of physical exercise? Let us see how to lose weight effectively in 20 kg without a strict limit and how to combine successful results.

How to lose weight by 20 kg at home: motivation

Obviously, it will be a healthy diet and exercise, but this is not the key to fighting fatigue. An important factor in weight loss is the motive. A good reason is a big step towards achieving this goal.

People are driven by a mysterious idea of ​​what they want, which are governed by different types of weakness, differently to achieve any results. Often, interruptions occur in the early stages.
Girls and women, who are accustomed to mood, stressful circumstances, fraud is not just enough to say: “I want to lose weight.” With one desire, you will not be far away, quickly exhausted, irritable, starving and without a proper motive will lead to a husband’s separation, not with much weight, but also with a negative attitude.

Therefore, just to achieve the goal, but also to combine results, a strong and clear motive is required to share the old way of life forever.

The most powerful motives that can overcome the physical needs and lead the desired result:

• As a boy. Obviously, the first thing that attracts the attention of the opposite sex is that of wisdom and goodness. And let them tell that happiness is not in beauty, but in the soul – it’s great to see a body that brings the joy of eye to eye.

• Enjoy yourself. There is a strong argument: “If you want to be loved, they love you.” Of course, it’s a great pleasure to look at your rope, the thin ears, instead of talking about the oil. And really want to be happy when you look in the mirror?

• Start life from the beginning. Over time, in the life of any person, the change of status comes to the point of looking at their health, assessing their actions and achievements. And then, many times, it comes to understand that it’s time to paint life in new light colors and start in your body.
• The power to wear anything you like; walk on the beach, go into the pond, get in the pareo; the ability to run, jump, dance.

An urgent cause for everyone can be his, the result will be one – the achievement of the stated policy – the dismantling kilogram.

Once you have decided on the cause and you realize that you want to lose weight for good reasons, not because you need to be like other people, you can go straight to lose weight at home.

Where to start?

1. Choose the main purpose, – what is your own, how many kilograms you need to complete, what should be the result? If you know in advance what you should try, it will be easier to get there.

2. Decide with food, you like very much and your body will not be too rebellious. However, it is very difficult, for example, to resist food based on the use of mature dairy products, if they have never seen special love for them. Maybe you are a boy of meat or fruit products? Then choose to eat them, where you eat your favorite foods when you lose weight.
3. Choose to exercise, focus on their difficult areas. Not that it should be very difficult, even 10 minutes on deep training will bring more results than the usual limit on food.

I-4. Get a good notebook, where you will record your achievements, lower ratings, and other small things that will help you collect and focus on the goal.

5. Choose a day of the week, If you continue to meet your new body. The main thing, do not leave this moment on Monday, next week, after the holidays – to continue forever. Clearly specify how long you would like to achieve the outcome – as you can see, you will clearly see your achievements, how far you’ve passed and how often you leave

The program “Minus 60”

• Food is based on two rules: reducing the amount of food eaten and accompanied by food.

• The first week of the system is designed to suppress dangerous products: tobacco products, flour products, fatty foods, and luxury, spicy foods, and salts.

• The following exercises for the body to find breakfast, even if there is no morning. Meal oatmeal, rye bread, and chicken, yogurt – some simple dishes will give them all the power of the day and the desire to blow off an hour a very tasty, but dangerous food.

Usually, the program “Minus 60” allows you to eat deliciously and different, only you need to comply with certain restrictions:

• It will take up to 12 hours a day to eat everything.

• After 12 it is forbidden to eat fat, fried, fried, delicious.

• The meal should consist of birds, meat or fish with buckwheat or rice. Potatoes and pasta are prohibited. Dice can be vegetables and fruit.

• The meal is allowed up to 18.00 or 20.00, depending on how much sleep you sleep. Fruit and dairy products are allowed, and the use of cereals is also allowed but without meat.

Food “five parts” or “Food № 5”

This program is very strong compared to previous food. Its main principle is that any meal should have a single unhealthy diet from five different parts.

1. Fats – fish, containing bio-3 oils, nuts, olives or olives.

2. Carbohydrates – grain (millet, pearl barley, buckwheat, rice). Taste or boiled ate vegetables. Fruit.

3. Protein – chicken, veal, seafood, sour milk products.

I-4. Fiber – bran bread.

5. Drinks – newly added apple or citrus, smoothies, tricks.

On a day it should be at least five foods, the volume of the dish value should not exceed 300 grams.

Food “Program”

A diet can eat anything, but not more than 1200 kcal per day. In fact, food is not difficult, when a typical person needs 2000 kcal per day, even more, you don’t have to deny anything.

But there are also their problems: you need to be able to clearly understand the content of the product label on a green and cooked form, and be aware of the number of channels used.

Sample menu:

• breakfast (200 kcal): 80 grams of boiled chicken, 80 grams and soils like steamed soup sauce with a spoon or a little salt, one tomato, black coffee.

• Second breakfast (148 kcal): 240 ml soup vegetable (except potatoes), two bread, green tea.
• Meal (180 kcal): 150 grams of potatoes suitable, 100 boiled or baked fish, 160 grams of sauerkraut, tea.

• Snack (280 kcal): 80 g steamed rice, 70 g beef or veal, 100 g cornichons, tea.

• Meal (200 kcal): bananas, glass yogurt, bread.

But no matter how important a diet is, it is important to learn one simple fact: after weight loss, you need to update everything you eat and take good health as a foundation. So you do not just fix the outcome, but forget about too much weight

How to lose 20 kg of weight at home: this game

If you want the result to be effective and urgent, then after losing more kilograms, the skin is thin, and the muscles do not want, you should use it with meals. Exercise should be done briefly, but always and fully.

The slow pace of exercise will lead to muscle growth, so you will not feel losing weight, but you know that the oil goes, forming the body size. With faster travel – calories burn hot, the process of losing weight, and looks more visible, rather than slower.

Start a cardio-load session – home is a rope, dance dance, bursting in the right order. The following actions you choose, based on their problem areas. Complete any exercise to return the voice tone after training.

The benefits of such lessons at home that you do not have to leave, pay for them, you can practice them at the right time. But there is a significant irregularity: you need to collect and answer your body before you, don’t leave them and miss a single day of classes.

If you find it difficult to get exercise, you can visit a few weeks with a qualified trainer, where you need to look at and what you need to do to exercise.

How to lose weight in 20 kg in the home: The following are: body care

Obviously, the cost of kilograms is not possible but affects the skin condition. Therefore, without food during a 20 kg weight loss at home, it is appropriate to consider some rules, so that the body is properly integrated and ready.

• Whether it is unfortunate to lose too quickly, losing weight should not exceed one kilogram per week. Accelerated weight loss is not only harmful to the skin, but also to health.

• Do not include protein and fat. Food should be balanced. Failure of fat makes the skin dry, lose its strength and stability.

• Keep the muscles in order to reduce sport.

• Do not forget to measure water: drink at least two liters of water per day.

• Take a different shower, which stimulates blood circulation, so that the skin becomes tight and strong.

• Go to the sauna once a week.

• Do not reserve cosmetics procedures. Peelings and scrubs exhaust the old skin, allowing the growth of the new epidermis of solidarity.

• Apply for stability, feed creams on the skin.

• Suicide. You do not need someone outside: you can rub your skin on your own, with a dry sponge material. After abusive bathing.

As you can see, losing weight at 20 kg home is a reality, only promoting and efficient performance in all processes is necessary. And then next to the new body and new life. It’s all in your hands.

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