We Reveal The Secrets Of How to Make Apple Juice

We Reveal The Secrets Of How to Make Apple Juice:

Everyone saw a film about the living water, which was investigated by the Japanese scientist Imotu Mascara. Unique experiments have shown that a structured fluid can work wonders and heal our cells, rejuvenating the body and putting all its functions in order. But few people think about the fact that in nature there is another kind of structured fluid – it is freshly squeezed juices. 

This is the “living water” of plants, enriched with vitamins and trace elements. There is a lot of useful and necessary structured water in juices. And today we will talk about such delicious juice from apples: what benefits does apple juice bring to our health and how to make it at home?

  • What is the use

The healing properties of apples containing a large amount of iron, various sugars, and pectin are known. Antioxidant properties of apples put them on a par with fighters with brain diseases, cancer, and other serious diseases. And, of course, all the beneficial properties of the apples themselves are fresh juice.

Well-known American, a follower of juice diets Norman Worker discovered the rejuvenating properties of juices, including apple. Proof of his righteousness is the age to which he lived – 119 years. But that’s not all. He became a father in 106 years! This sensational event has increased the army of juice fans.

  • Sparing diet

For those who do not decide on the juice diet, there is a gentle regime: it is enough in the morning, 30 minutes before a meal, to drink half a glass of apple juice. Even in this case, you will be provided a healing effect, because apple juice has not only antioxidant but also adsorbing properties, that is, it removes harmful substances from the body. All juices are very quickly absorbed, give the body all its beneficial properties, wash out unwanted slags from the cells.

  • Why drink apple juice?

Now let’s talk about what benefits for the body you get by consuming apple juice regularly.

A very important property of juices is the presence of enzymes in them. These are enzymes that are contained in each organism in a limited form. They help the digestion of food, serve as catalysts. And when the stock of enzymes runs low – a person finishes his life path. When we eat vegetables, fruits, or drink juices, we don’t waste our enzymes because they are in sufficient quantity in fresh vegetables and fruits. And the body remains with us. That is one of the reasons for preserving youth in those who drink a lot of fresh juices.

Another reason to drink apple juice is daily body renewal. Those three hundred or more millions of cells that make up our body are constantly updated, once a day. When the body is young and healthy, it’s just great. But somewhere after 30 years, malfunctions of the organism begin, cells begin to work less intensively. 

And those cells that work incorrectly transmit the wrong program to the next cells, in which the disease is encoded. And if you drink juice in the morning, the structured liquid will adjust the cell’s work program to the correct, natural rhythm and tone, because apple juice has powerful antioxidant properties.

  • There are contraindications

A few words about the harm of apple juice. There are a few contraindications, but there are some. You can not drink apple juice sour-sweet varieties with gastritis with high acidity and serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with allergies to red fruits, as well as with individual intolerance.

  • How can you lose weight

Many are interested in the question of how to lose weight with apple juice and is it possible to lose weight from this juice at all? It is clear that we have to work hard, but this is a pleasant job. Sip yourself a juice and dream that in ten days you will become twice as slim! Because after ten days, drinking two liters of apple juice per day, you can lose up to 7 kilograms! Of course, the results may be slightly different, both up and down, but on average this figure is correct. Fresh apple juice is able to work wonders!

Why do they lose weight from apple juice? This is due to the low-calorie content of apple juice. And pectins, which are rich in apples, are able to cleanse the body of slags because they act as adsorbents. In addition, a rich set of vitamins and minerals will not allow the body to weaken, retain a fresh look.
You can spend a three-day diet on apple juice, which will help not only lose weight but also improve the entire body. To do this, you need to drink apple juice regularly after two hours. The first reception is at 8 am (one glass), then from 10 o’clock to 20 o’clock every two hours two glasses of apple juice. If there is no stool, take a laxative and warm bath without detergent.

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